Presentation List
“Fire Life Safety in Tunnels”

“The Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation Test Program—How did it all begin?”

"Programa de Ensayos de Venilacion en Situacion de Incedios en el "Memorial

"Tunnel Fire Life Safety"

"Tunnel Ventilation Fire Life Safety Capabilities"

"The Recent Tragedies in Europe, Tunnel & Fire Life Safety"

"Presentation on the Fires in the Mt. Blanc & Tauern Tunnels"

"Technology Transfer Ventilation on Road Tunnels"

" Underground Ventilation"

" Briley Parkway Ramp D Tunnel - Fire Life Safety Study"

"Tunnel Ventilation Systems & Underground Construction Methods"

"Mt. Blanc Tunnel Fire"

The Impact of NFPA Standard 502 on Road Tunnel Ventilation"

"Ventilation of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel"

"Review of the Application Guidelines for the Egress Element of the Fire Protection
Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit System"

"Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation Test Programme"

"The Memorial Tunnel Building the Future of Tunnel Ventilation"

"Detroit Windsor Tunnel"

"A Methodology to Control Air Quality Levels Near Tunnel Portals & Optimize
Ventilation System Design"

"The Memorial Tunnel - Latest Test & Conclusions, Where Do We Go From Here"

"Subway Environmental Control for MARTA System"

"Road Tunnels n Europe"

"Hampton Road Tunnel - Ventilation for Dual Tunnel Facility"

"Worldwide Road Tunnel Fire Life Safety"

"Overview of Work Preformed by PIARC WG6 on Fire & Smoke Control"

"Environmental Evaluation for the MARTA System"

"The MTFVTP Symposium"

"Silicon Valley"

"TBTA Ventilation Study"

NFPA World Safety
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Las Vegas, NV
June 6-10, 2005
Mandalay Bay Resort &
Convention Center

Lisbon, Portugal
September 14-17, 2005
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