A&G Consultants, Inc. is a company started by Art Bendelius.   

Art Bendelius, our principal consultant, has over 45 years of experience in the multidisciplinary
study, planning and design of transportation projects and industrial, commercial and public works
facilities.  He has extensive experience in the planning, design and construction of tunnel ventilation
and fire life safety systems, including road, transit, and rail tunnels.

He has had extensive management experience gained through progressive previous roles as
director of an engineering department, as Area Manager of the Atlanta Office, as Regional
Manager for the firm’s South Region, as Eastern Operations Manager for nine offices in 18
eastern and Midwestern states, as the operations manager of the Energy Services Group, and
most recently as Director of the Tunnel Ventilation Division.  In these roles he was responsible for
all engineering work performed, including scheduling of work, manpower allocations and finances,
quality and technical control.

Art has also authored and co-authored many
technical handbooks, professional papers and
professional journal articles.  Included in his contribution to the technical handbooks are three
chapters covering tunnel ventilation, fire protection and drainage systems for the first edition of the
Tunnel Engineering Handbook, two chapters covering tunnel ventilation and water supply and
drainage systems for the second edition of the Tunnel Engineering Handbook, one chapter
covering fire protection for road tunnels in the 19th Edition of the Fire Protection Handbook and one
chapter on state of the art of tunnel ventilation in the Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety.

Today he is primarily working as an independent consultant  to Parsons Brinckerhoff and other
entities on
various projects.  He is also speaking at numerous workshops and meetings, please
review his calendar for all speaking engagements.

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