Professional Journal Articles
Authored or co-authored by Art Bendelius

"Tunnel Operational Systems - Overview", Coauthor with Surgui F. Luchian, Tunnels & Tunnelling
International, October 2001

“Life at the End of the Tunnel,” Civil Engineering, May 2001

“What is the Role of Full Scale Fire Testing in the Design and Management of Tunnels?,”
Viewpoint, Tunnel Management  International, April 1999

“The Third International Conference on Safety in Road and Rail Tunnels,” Tunnel Management
International, October 1998

"Tunnel Safety and the Memorial Tunnel Fire Ventilation Test Programme", Tunnel Safety
International, 1994

"Meeting Design Needs to Control Subway Environment - Part 1 & 2, Coauthored with W.W.
Metsch, Specify Engineer, January & February 1976

“Design Criteria for Vehicular Road Tunnels,” ASHRAE Journal, June 1975

“New Task Group Focuses on Environmental Control of Enclosed   "Vehicular Facilities,”
ASHRAE Journal, October 1974

“Environmental Control for the Caracas Metro,”  Coauthor with W.W. Metsch,ASHRAE Journal,
September 1973

“Vehicular Road Tunnel Ventilation Systems,” Tunnels and Tunneling, May 1973

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